Small Business Tips For Creating Text Emails That Get Read

When setting up an email campaign to promote yourself or our business, it is best to use a text email format. You email is more likely to make it past the spam filters and into your prospects inbox. The exception to this rule is electronic newsletters. You will want to use a newsletter format that will break your information into understandable blocks.If you are using text email use these four things to keep you email interesting:Avoid embedded images. Your reader will only see a box if they have a text reader and images will not display.
You can use hyperlinks in your email, however, you will need to give instructions to the user on how to use the link. The link may appear as plain text and not a hyperlink. You will want to mention that they can copy and paste the link into their browser. Don’t assume the reader will know how to do this.
You will also want to use text art to break up the email, especially if it is a longer email. Text art is simply using the asterisks, equal sign or some other symbol over and over in a line.
With text emails, you will want to keep your email width short – preferably 60-70 characters. This means you will have to return to the old school way of typing with a hard return. With some email applications this will cause your document to be double spaced. Use the Control key with the Enter key to avoid adding an extra line. You may also want to go into the options of your application and remove the default of capitalizing the first letter of each line.With any email marketing campaign you will want to make sure that your emails are content rich. What do you have to offer your target audience? Are there little know tips in using your product or service that you can share? Are there other authors writing on similar topics on the internet where you can send helpful links to your viewers? Be creative and it will pay you great dividends in increased viewers.When a new viewer signs up to be part of your email list, be sure and send them instructions on how to white list your email address. This could be adding you to their contact list or marking your emails as being on a safe list. This will help to ensure that your communications are not ending up in spam never-never land.Give value – keep it short – and your readers will keep coming back for more.