Home Based Business Tips For Women – Hot Tips For Women Working From Home

Are you a woman working from home? Not quite having the sort of success you think you deserve…or more frustratingly, seeing other women not quite as talented as you getting instead? In this article we are going to take a quick look at some home business tips for women, and see if we can’t light the lamp a little bit for you with some good ideas that will get you moving in the right direction…and fast!Okay…but don’t the same rules apply for women working from home as men? Yes and no. Want to know the truth? By and large, it’s far easier for women to succeed from home than it is for men. Why? Women tend to create networks, and support each other in super powerful (and profitable) ways, and men simply don’t. Want an example? Look at the women’s blog networks. Entire sites, suites of services and built in advertising audiences which are geared specifically for issues related to not only helping women succeed, but to also help “move” markets for women like you to sell to. (and in) Trust me when I tell you, there aren’t many of these for men..:-)So what are the best ways to make money from home if you are a woman?In my view, start a blog. Parlay your PASSION, into profit, in whatever area you are most interested. Survey your readers very often. (super important) Why? Most people won’t click on ads on a blog, and those who do, will rarely buy anything. ( making advertising networks on your blog a strategy of scale – you need lots of volume) But, you can adapt a direct response model, or even do “review” style posts on a blog that work very, very well….rank very highly on the search engines, and have super high conversion ratios to boot!

From Atari to Wii – The Boom in Gaming

The growth in gaming has been exponential, and with new developments in gaming, the growth will continue to soar. This makes gaming more than a lot of fun; it makes it a perfect industry in which to pursue a career. Many colleges, like Westwood College Online, even offer online degrees in game art as a great way to jump start a career in this ever-changing field. Understanding the gaming industry today means going back to when the first video game was pioneered.
In 1952, a man named A.S. Douglas decided to experiment with a new invention called a “computer,” an incredibly advanced concept in the 1950s. Unintentionally, he created the first video game, called Noughts and Crosses. It ran on a huge computer called the E.D.S.A.C., and although no one actually played it, it paved the way for a little known programmer named Nolan Bushnell. Nolan Bushnell went on to start Atari. Bushnell himself is responsible for today’s huge video game industry, making billions of dollars every year. This is the long-wound history of today’s booming video game industry.The Start of AtariIn 1972, a little known programmer named Nolan Bushnell left his work as a programmer for Nutting Associates, a pre-Atari video game system that he thought was not functional. Finding the Odyssey uninteresting, Bushnell left the company and started his own company. Bushnell first settled on the name Syzygy. Unfortunately for Bushnell, that name was already taken by a roofing company, so he named it Atari.After Atari became the official name, Bushnell hired Al Alcorn to program games for Atari. Alcorn was inexperienced, so Bushnell assigned him to program a simple tennis game. This game was named Pong. After its release, Atari became a household name.Nintendo Steps InIn 1981, a new video game company called Nintendo released a new video gamed called Donkey Kong, after having previous failures with mediocre arcade games. Shigeru Miyamoto designed Donkey Kong, a big brown ape. He needed to create a protagonist, so he created an overall-wearing plumber called Mario, named after the company’s landowner, Mario Segali. Donkey Kong explodes into arcades and everyone demands more of this limber plumber. They get their wish.Nintendo’s Golden AgeIn 1986, after testing it out with test audiences, Nintendo released a 2-D platform called the Nintendo Entertainment System. They also released Super Mario Brothers, a game based off the jumping plumber in Donkey Kong. Nintendo’s popularity skyrocketed; the NES is a huge hit. From 1986 to 1992, Nintendo released more games and two new systems: the Game Boy and the 16-bit Super Nintendo. Their popularity wasn’t challenged until 1992, when Sega released their own entertainment system, the Sega Genesis. Nintendo and Sega continued to battle it out until 1996, when Nintendo released the 3-D platform N64. This started a new battle — but not between Nintendo and Sega.Nintendo Versus SonyAfter Nintendo released the N64 in 1996, Nintendo faced a new rival — the Sony Playstation. The Sony PlayStation had one advantage over Nintendo, and that was the Final Fantasy series. The first Final Fantasy released was Final Fantasy 7, which is still hugely popular today. Nintendo battled Sony by continuing their Super Mario Brothers line, releasing Super Mario 64, Super Smash Brothers, and a different game called Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. By this time, video game programming became an actual major in some colleges. Nintendo and Sony continued to battle it out until 2007.Wii Versus PS3In 2007, Nintendo and Sony both agreed they need to revamp the video gaming industry. Sony responded by releasing the PlayStation 3, which acted as a video game console and a DVD player. Nintendo took a more innovative approach, releasing the Wii. Wii wasn’t like anything else on the market because it featured sensor technology, something found in their original NES. Nintendo replaced controllers with remotes, a controversial move that paid off. The Wii is the most popular console on the market right now, and so is the unlimited potential in this video gaming industry.Gamers, what you should know: The exponential growth in the gaming industry will continue to skyrocket, as the popularity of gaming has become imbedded in our culture and lifestyle. With gaming companies consistently seeking out new talent, whether in design or programming, there is a high demand for skilled, talented individuals in the gaming industry. Learn about some of the opportunities for earning a game art or even a game design degree online – it may just be perfect for you. Gaming is one of the few industries that easily meld entertainment passion and a lucrative, in-demand career.

Home Business Tips – More Energy to Build Your Business by Forgiving

When you initially start out building your home based business you need all the energy you can get, especially when you are building on a part time basis. “When everything is coming your way you are in the wrong lane,” quote used by Dr MaxwellSomething else I learned from Dr Maxwell is to forgive everyone, every time for everything. When I first started practicing this it was very difficult; the person or situation I was mad at just kept coming into my thoughts. hat was when I realized how much time and energy I was wasting thinking about it or them instead of on my own home based business.We recently had a tenant in one of our rental properties, she almost trashed the place. It took a lot of time and energy to restore it back to rent-able condition. For the first 1 or 2 days I really steamed and stewed over it, I was very mad at her. In the meantime I had deadlines in my business that I was missing. When I realized that when I actually forced myself to stop thinking bad thoughts about her and good thoughts about my business I actually had more energy to get everything done!Everyone has someone who has done them wrong to them, abused or misused them, and just not treated them right. It is not what happens to you, it’s what happens in you. Will you continue to “steam and stew” over the situation or will you instead think good thoughts about your own business.It is the process of canceling the conditions in you which block the flow of love and goodwill towards yourself or another, independently of the actions of anyone else. It is YOUR choice. Forgiveness is not condoning someone else’s harmful action – it is a gift to yourself. You are the one who really benefits when you forgive.Lots of research done on how it affects you and your entire body. Next time you get mad at someone check to see if any of these are happening to you…
muscles tighten lead to imbalances
blood flow to heart constricted
digestion impaired
breathing pattern restricted

Now these are not the sole reasons but all definitely contribute to your lack of energy. There is a wonderful well know phrase… Pain in the neck and I’ll bet you can think of more.Is your home based business suffering because of your own negativity? Prejudice – intolerance – racism – sexism – blaming and criticizing are ALL forms of unforgiving. Recognizing how all of these effect you and your business is the first step in making the change. In any business relationships are key and if you are packing all this negativity around with you it will definitely affect your business.